Basic Usage

Returns a list of provinces.

Method URI
GET /provinces

Sample Response

    "id": 1,
    "code": "ON",
    "name": "Ontario",
    "data_source": null,
    "population": 14711827,
    "area": 917741,
    "gdp": 857384,
    "geographic": 1,
    "data_status": "Reported",
    "created_at": null,
    "updated_at": "2021-01-06T22:38:43.000000Z",
    "density": 16.030478097851137


Additional context for the attributes returned.

Attribute Description
Code Code or initial of the province. This is used as the primary identifier when aggregating data
Geographic A boolean used to indicate whether the grouping is geographical or not. In the dataset, this allows for groupings like "Repatriated"
Data Status This is set by the Manage utility to note the current status of reporting
Updated At Timestamp when reports for the province (or health region in the province) was updated


Parameter Type Description
geo_only Boolean If true, only provinces marked as geographic will be returned