Vaccine Age Groups

Basic Usage

By default, this request returns a week-by-week report of vaccine stats by various age groups.

While national-level data and data for most provinces is updated weekly from PHAC, some provinces including Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan include data updated daily from provincial sources.

Method URI
GET /vaccines/age-groups

Sample Response

  "province": "All",
  "data": [
      "date": "2021-05-01",
      "data": "{\"80+\": {\"full\": 292848..."


An array of vaccination reports.

  • date — in Y-m-d format
  • data — JSON string containing stats split into age group.

*due to reporting standard shifts overtime, the JSON string data may not be consistent across weeks. Minimal effort is taken to normalize some of this data.


Parameter Type Description
after Date Returns reports on or after the specified date.
before Date Returns reports on or before the specified date.
group String Returns reports for a specific group. Must be URL encoded




This will return all provinces (except ALL/Canada).

Method URI
GET /vaccines/age-groups/split


An array of vaccination reports but with an addition when split.

  • province — province code

By Province

Filter the data to the province level by providing a province code e.g. SK. All parameters are supported.

Method URI
GET /vaccines/age-groups/province/:code